Church [Rock] Cemetery

Church [Rock] Cemetery

Church Cemetery, also known as Rock Cemetery, is a place of burial in Nottingham, England which is Grade II* listed.

I am currently working on a project about Rock Cemetery. Shooting video with my DJI Mavic Mini drone and stills and video with my Canon EOS 5D Mkiii and Fuji XT-2. And taking time to learn to use Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects for the final production.

The Church Cemetery is a striking place to visit, and has been compared to London’s Highgate Cemetery and Glasgow’s Necropolis. As you walk around the cemetery, you move through different levels as the grounds are cut into the sandstone strata of the hill. The paths move up and down and also around sandstone out crops that lead into caves, which are a prominent feature across the entire city.

The graves and tombstones are particularly representative of the Victorian and Edwardian use of symbols in the commemorating of their dead. Those symbols signifying the individual’s standing in society, their role within a family, the closeness of relationships, their ascension to heaven, a representations of purity and devotion and the Holy Spirit

At the higher levels, they are laid out in compact uniform lines, and as you walk the small gaps between the monuments, they impose themselves over and above you and seem to stretch out in all directions to the horizon. As you work your way along the paths you descend to the lower levels and the layout begins to break down to small islands of graves on outcrops and terraces and are surrounded by unused catacombs and the lower boundary lines of Bulwell Stone.

UPDATE: The finished video of the Church (Rock) Cemetery is now posted. Please like and subscribe

Video of Church (Rock) Cemetery – August 2020
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